Etsy update

Piñagram shirts back in (limited) stock, and I added some SHOT TO THE ART target/poster packs as well!

Check it out HERE

KINDRED spirits…

Erbody raise a glass as I bid farewell to my ‘Beel-Z-Bob‘ piece; sending him on a permanent vacation as part of Bar Kindred‘s permanent collection. I think he’ll feel right at home in San Diego’s only upscale vegan blackmetal lounge (oh, yes, that IS a thing). Feel free to visit him on their Thursday (tiki) nights!


After many years in the making, as established body artists at BCOOL, Jessy and I have taken on the mantle of ownership and (while we love the history) have decided to ‘make it our own’ and change the name to RCKT tattoo and piercing!

You can still find us (DANG, JESSY, DUTCH) in the same location in St Paul day in and day out. Thank you all for your years of support and look forward to decorating you again and again!