JESSY (piercer/owner)Tues 11-9 / Wed 11-9 / Thurs 2-8 by appt / Fri 11-4 / Sat 11-4
I am a professionally trained and licensed body piercer at our busy little shop since 2006, having literally done thousands of body piercings. Piercing is my life- and I love it.

Piercings should be pleasing to the eye, to balance and enhance your natural beauty. I will work with you and take the time to mark and placement, and educate you to achieve a beautifully healed piercing. Once you leave, I am your lifeline. I will always extend my knowledge to you if you, should have any questions or concerns in the future.

I am Licensed by the State of Minnesota Dept of Health for Body Piercing. I also maintain certifications in Blood Borne Pathogens and First Aid. I only use single use prepackaged sterile needles, and sterile professional quality jewelry. All equipment is run thought a decontamination process including antiviral sprays, ultrasonic cleansing, and finishing with a full cycle in our on-site autoclave. Our autoclave is spore tested every month and professionally serviced every year in accordance to the state requirement. I educate myself on new practices and techniques to ensure you receive the highest quality piercing in the safest fashion.

I want your experience with me to be positive, not full of attitude and anxiety. Piercing should be fun. I strive to make sure your whole experience is as comfortable and stress free as possible. I look forward to meeting you- Jessy
email piercingbyjessy@gmail.com  • more at piercingbyjessy.com


DANG (tattoos/owner)
Tues 12-8/ Wed 11-9 / Thurs 12-6 / Fri 12-8 / Sat 12-8
DANG has been in the industry (and part of the shop) since 2001; full custom, all styles, cover-ups and cover-you-ups. He is also the author of many artbooks and countless paintings and illustrations on the side; steadily twisting he world around him. “this thing doesn’t turn off”.
email artaladang@gmail.com • more at dangtattoo.com and at aladang.com


DUTCH (tattoo)
Tues 11-9 / Thurs 11-9 / Fri 11-9 / Sat 11-9
Yes, that’s his car, but those ain’t the only wheels spinning with this guy. Skilled, versatile, and here to help you get exactly the tattoo you’re looking for. Just point him in the right direction and he’ll put his years of experience to work…
email tattoosbydutch@ymail.com • more at tattoos-by-dutch.tumblr.com


BONNIE (piercer)
Sun 11-7 / Mon 11-7 / Thurs 11-9 / Fri 4-9 / Sat 4-9
My name is Bonnie and I’m a body piercer at RCKT Tattoo and Piercing. I am deeply passionate about helping my clients safely and confidently express themselves through the art of body piercing. As a fully licensed piercer, it’s my pleasure to work within your needs and be a constant resource for your questions and concerns. I believe piercing should be enjoyable and I will do everything possible to ensure you have a quality experience as I continue to uphold RCKT’s reputation for safe and precise piercing.email bon.green10@gmail.com • more at @flannelshrrt


DON (tattoos)
Sun 11-7 / Mon 11-7 / Thurs 1-9 / Fri 1-9 / Sat 1-9
Artist, nature lover, musician, vegetarian, ninja, mushroom hunter.

Don was born in San Bernardino, California to a tattoo artist father and a free spirit mother. After completing his apprenticeship under Mr. Dang, Don joined the kooky bunch of misfits at RCKT Tattoo and Piercing. He’ll combine your ideas with his creativity to produce tattoos that you’ll be proud to show off and will keep you coming back for more.
email dondoestattoos@gmail.com • more at @dondoestattoos